Partial Eclipse -Sci-Tech Center-Watertown NY

View The Partial Eclipse On October 14
Sci-Tech invites the public to join us to view the Partial Solar Eclipse that will be visible in Watertown on Saturday, October 14. There is no cost to participate.
Sci-Tech will set up viewing equipment in Watertown’s Thompson Park, in the lawn at the South side of the large parking lot between the Zoo and the Pool.
Viewing will begin as the Moon begins to obscure the Sun at 12:04pm, and continue until it clears the Sun at 2:26pm. The peak of this event will be at 1:15pm, when 22% of the Sun will be covered. (Note: These times are exact for Watertown only, and vary depending upon distance from Thompson Park.)
Safe solar eclipse viewing glasses will be provided for free while supplies last.
Although not as dramatic as a total eclipse, such as the one we will observe next April, a partial eclipse is still interesting as the Moon covers part of the Sun’s face.
In the event of overcast skies, this viewing event be will canceled, and a message to that effect will be placed on the Sci-Tech  astronomy phone line at (315) 788-2738.